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03.28.20 / by Kishi (Master Alien)

The best online game!

Soul wars is a game that I’ve been playing for years. I’ve watched and played through many different updates of the game. The PVE is fun to do with friends, and rewards you greatly for teaming up together. The events are all fun to do, the rewards for said events are extremely helpful when playing. The classes each have things they excel in whether it be good for events, good for arena, good for world map pvp, or good for pve. You can modify your build greatly with the use of Espada/Squads/Perks/Gems/Gear. Things like guild events are extremely rewarding and fun for friends to keep up with while you’re leveling/doing events. On top of all of this once you hit a high level if you’re bored you can rebirth. Which gives a useful perk and resets your level/race. You get spirit dust/Gear from killing mobs in PVE which can be used to upgrade yourself in PVP. Bosses that people can gang up on to get extremely powerful gems that can’t be gotten otherwise, you can also get the premium currency that you have to buy as a random low chance boss drop!

All in all, it has a bunch of things you can do while you’re having fun with friends and strangers.

03.30.20 / by Darkhand (Rioshima)

This game RULES!

Soul wars, is a unique sandbox, mmorpg which follows the world of bleach a very popular anime. Since my very first day/wipe on this game I've always found it appealing, the combat to be worthwhile and the player base to be full of energy and interesting stories. No one player has ever experienced soul wars the same way unless it is to tell you, this game RULES!