Starting the game as a human attending high school on Earth, players are thrust into an eternally raging war between three factions: the spiritually aware humans of Earth, the Balancers in Heaven that guide the passage of souls, and the Yokai (evil spirits), corrupted souls that dwell in the dimension between Earth and Heaven, Kōhai-chi (Devastated Land). Players choose which faction they will devote themselves to, and in doing so may take the soul pilgrimage through the passage of space and time to either Heaven or Kōhai-chi. From there the journey begins as players train, fight, and grow to help their faction rise to prominence.


At its core, Soul Wars is an mmorpg. In Soul Wars, players grow stronger by increasing their level. Players gain experience by killing monsters, completing quests, and participating in server-wide events. Active training rewards players with stat points upon leveling up that they may distribute into their stats freely. The five part stat system consists of Vitality, Attack, Defense, Spirit, and Dexterity. Outside of actively training, players grow by training passive stats slowly over time such as their unarmed skill or ability with a sword through the repeated use of those attack types. As players level they also accrue perk points that they may spend to gain specific combat boosts such a increased dodge chance and health regeneration.


During it's alpha phase in August 2016 under the name "The Last Stand" , the foundation for the game that would eventually become Soul Wars was created. After several months of development Soul Wars went into a "beta" phase on May 27th, 2017. As the game's up-time and downtime cycled into June 2018, Soul Wars had large stat system overhaul and content update. The most recent wipe of the server came on October 20th, and lasted 71 days.